Our first album is out this year! I am so excited to just get it out and for people to listen to it. I am so so worried that no one will buy it apart from my mum and nan. I’m about 95% sure I’ll be like David Brent in The Office when he releases his album and no one buys it and they’re all stacked up in his garage. I live in London, so obviously I don’t have a garage, I’ll just have to have copies of the album instead of furniture.

I’m so proud of this record. It was along time coming, mainly for the David Brent reason (see above) but we worked so hard on it and it cost a bloody fortune to make.

I’ve put my everything in to it, which sounds a bit naff, but I really have!

I can’t release any pictures of it yet as it will ruin the surprise, but I’m so excited for everyone to see it and hear it.

There is a London album launch show on October 5th, tickets here —

A special announcement, a tour, new music videos, singles and brand new website.

As I can’t have a photo of the album just yet here’s a photo of me and the boys...

May Joe Strummer bless you all xx

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