I have always worn creepers. I love them. I saw a picture of Joe Strummer wearing them and thought they looked really cool. I quite like the rockabilly look and The Clash did it really well. Not too full on! Creepers also have a wedge and that’s important. I’m only 5’2 (the same height as Kylie Minogue and Kim Kardashian) and so that wedge helps me out a lot. They’re comfortable to wear they look cool too.

You can spend a fortune on them and get a pair in town but I don’t. The expensive ones don’t come in as many colours as I’d like. They’re mainly black. I had a grey pair I bought from my gorgeous friend Konxy at Rock’n’roll rescue next to The Dublin Castle but I wore them until they literally fell off my feet. I’ve had leopard print, zebra print, pink, white, black and bottle blue. I think I’m going to go green next.

You can’t really get them in many shops, which is cool so no one else has got them! Don’t think of them as something only goths would wear and stuff like that. Sod that. Have Gothy feet but then wear them with a cute little cocktail dress and have a massive beehive… that’s what I do anyway! And boys… remember Joe Strummer used to wear them… what else do you need?

Here’s where I get mine from ….

P.S I’m not sponsored I just think they’re cool! I wouldn’t / could never be paid to advertise or where any crap shoes! Also I don’t buy shoes from Amazon as they don’t pay their taxes.

Here’s a photo of my grey pair.. god I miss them!

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