Well aren’t I super lucky for all of the incredible support and love we got for Flamingo?!

This track has been on the radar for a little while and so I was glad when we we managed to get it all finished and out for everybody to listen to. Dreadzone are one of my favourite bands and so it was a massive honour to work with them. This was the first proper single that I recorded all at home during Lockdown! Those vocals you hear on the track, I recorded in my bedroom on a microphone with the pop shield upside down! Thank god Greg Dread is a musical genius and mixed it all to sound brilliant! I didn’t really know that much about Christine Keeler when we started this project. I knew a bit about who she was but mainly because I’d seen the famous picture of her naked sitting backwards on the chair. I hadn’t seen the film Scandal and I was on tour at the beginning of the year when the BBC showed The Christine Keeler Story. Greg from Dreadzone (who is my best friend) rang me in about March asking if I’d seen the BBC show about Keeler and if I fancied writing a song about it. I have known Greg for a little while, Dreadzone have the same booking agent as me and I have written some songs with them before. Greg had googled Keeler and found out she was originally from Uxbridge, which isn’t too far away from where I live, so Greg thought I should have a go at writing this song! Think of that what you will, but I like to think that's Joe Strummer looking down on us from Punk Rock Heaven and forging a connection, nahhh thanks Joe!

So I watched the Keeler Story on BBC and the film Scandal and wrote the lyrics! Greg mixed it all together and Flamingo was born! The response has been fantastic! I am glad you’re all enjoying it. It’s only available as a download but you can get it anywhere online, its just a click away!


May this be the beginning of many more tracks from me and Dreadzone… watch this space xxxx

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