Oh my goodness what a week!?

So me doing a rap is out there in the universe! It’s getting played on national radio and yesterday someone came up to me in the street and told me how much they liked it. This person turned out to be a friend of my grandmas, so I’m not as famous as I thought I was, but it was still really nice to hear.... They were two meters away from me as well, don’t worry people!!) I did the typical Emily Capell thing where I suggested an idea to my band, they go and do it and then I realised how ridiculous the idea was. Covering Blondie is a mental enough idea on its own but then doing a song featuring a RAP was something else. I decided very quickly that I wasn’t cool enough to do Deb’s rap and so I wrote my own. And anyway I think its better to write your own words. I am not Debbie Harry, as much as I try to be all the time. She is a genius and a super cool GIRL!! Is there anything better than a super cool girl in the music industry?! Not to me there isn’t!! The first bit is still Deb’s words, cause they’re classic! And then I go in to a bit of The Beastie Boys. In my opinion there’s no point in rapping if you’re not going to throw in a bit of the greatest hip hop band of all time. The Beasties are the best HIP HOP act EVER! If you disagree with me about this FACT then by all means COME AT ME! Anyway… then the rest of the rap (apart from a tiny bit in the middle that is Joe Strummer…obviously) is all me! Whoop! Go me! I wrote a rap and people have enjoyed it! Who’d have thought it!? Don’t worry, I am not going to go all Eminem and release a rap album, but it nice to know I gave something new a go and people seemed to like it. I like it. It’s also great to see that me and my band playing this song has bought people some joy in their lives. We have to try and keep positive at the moment don’t we? I know there is a lot of crap going on. Don’t get me started… BJ blaming care workers for the spread of COVID or that IDIOT in that band doing what he did to his girlfriend. The definition of disgusting! Every day we wake up to more bad news, unemployment, suicides, Donald Trump… So it’s more important now than ever to check in on your mates and be kind and loving and try and find some happiness. My best friend Helen has starting making her own clothes. She’s super clever and amazing, I am proud of her! My best friend Kerry is a BA worker fighting for her workers rights, she is optimistic and strong and I am proud of her and I’ll always fight with her! My best friend Nataly is raising my godson in a third world country away from all of us, she is a hero! All my friends are doing amazing things and I am proud of them all. I try and check in with them as much as I can at the moment ( when I’m not working on my rap career… ) and I’d love you to do the same. Check in on your mates. It’s all a bit pants right now but it will get better. Me and my band have uploaded this song for you all to enjoy and watch and feel good listening to. To give you a five minute break from all the bad stuff going on. Get up and dance to it. And if I am brave enough to do a rap online for the world to see then let me assure you that you are brave enough to try something new too! ENJOY IT! Don’t hold back, life is too short!  Be Lucky xxxxx

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