Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As I type this I am supposed to be playing in a stadium with Madness in Dubai. However, due to the world wide epidemic that is the Coronavirus I’m not there. I am currently sat in Harrow, its dark and raining outside and I’ve just had to stop myself googling River Phoenix for about the 20 zillionth time this week. I seem to have replaced touring with watching terrible videos about who might of killed him. Is that normal? But what’s a girl to do, when I keep finding myself thinking ‘Oh River.. why did you drink that thing that apparently the man in the other band gave you?’ Or ‘Oh River, why is life so unfair? Why can’t me, you and your cheekbones all sit down together and eat hummus? Oh River, why is life so crap?’


What an incredible tour! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Where do I start... Thank you to everyone that bought tickets and supported! All the little girls who turned up with big shoes on and wobbly beehives, the people that travelled from Scotland and god knows where else just to watch me sing about Joey Barton. Thank you to all the people who gave me Clash memorabilia or knitted me QPR hats, and anyone that came to more than one show! Thank you to all the people in Bristol who were kind to me even though I thought I was in Birmingham, and the people in Birmingham who decided to spend their

valentines day with me and my boys. Thank you to everyone who sung along (that totally blows my mind by the way), thank you to all the old fat mods who don’t mind being mugged off by me telling them Paul Weller is NOT the new Jesus, to the people that came ON THEIR OWN!! Thank you to anyone who came to the merch and told me nice things... you don’t have to do that but I love it when you do!

Thank you to all the cheeky sods in London for reminding me that I used to play to quite literally one man and his dog at The Dublin Castle for years after we basically SOLD OUT DINGWALLS!!! And of course to everyone else who DANCED, LAUGHED and SUNG along with me. Thank you.

I’ll be honest, I was so nervous about this tour I tried to cancel it...MULTIPLE TIMES!!! I even called the band at one point and told them not to bother, it was off! Maybe I shouldn’t tell you all about that, but I did. I was just so nervous. I’ve always been the ‘brides maid’ support act, so when it was my turn to be the ‘bride’ and actually headline a tour, I was petrified! Luckily I didn’t manage to cancel it! Hahahaha!! (Big shout out here to my manager Steve, who had to put up with me texting him in the middle of he night telling him I was too nervous and so I’m jacking it all in and becoming a hairdresser…I know, I’m totally rock and roll)

Thank you to all of the venues, to the sound engineers, the lighting engineers and the lovely lady in Bournemouth who made us a lasagna. I have so much love for Katie Owen and Joe Slater who just happen to be my favourite support acts EVER. Damien, for playing brass in London and thank you to Zac Peters who for some BONKERS reasons thinks I’m good enough to do this (he does support Tottenham though, so he’s obviously clearly deranged!) Thank you to Terry and Jay who drove the van and lastly my 3 most favouritest humans on the planet. Keeks, Mafu and Steve. My Team!<3

YES... I should be in Dubai and South Africa right now playing with my heroes in stadiums, YES... I bought new shoes especially for it, YES...I even ironed some dresses to wear on stage... but its better to be safe than sorry, right? … Not sure I really think that right now to be honest, but we’ve been rescheduled for November so I guess I’ll just have to hold out until then! In the meantime album number two needs writing!  And I’m making absolutely no promises that there won’t be at least two tracks on there, about how perfect River Phoenix and I would have been together!

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